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TIMBITS 2012-2014 4-6 (boys and girls) $75 beginning of May 8 weeks TUES Closing Apr 30
U8 2010-2011 7-8 (boys and girls) $125 beginning of April Apr-Jun MON/WED CLOSED
U10 2008-2009 9-10 $150 beginning of April Apr-Jun TUES/THURS CLOSED
U12 2006-2007 11-12 $200 beginning of April Apr-Jun MON/WED CLOSED
U14 2004-2005 13-14 $200 beginning of April Apr-Jun TUES/THURS CLOSED*
U16 2002-2003 15-16 $200 beginning of April Apr-Jun MON/WED FULL
U19 1999-2001 17-19 $200 beginning of April Apr-Jun TUES-THURS FULL


















Welcome to the 2018 Season!

Softball is one of the most popular sports in North America and has rapidly been embraced around the world. The top countries in terms of Woman's Softball ranking in 2017 were 1) JAPAN 2) USA 3) CANADA 4) AUSTRALIA 5) NEW ZEALAND. Softball along with baseball was re-instated after a 12 year absence for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 

British Columbia teams have won the Canadian championships at all 3 major levels (U14, U16, U19) for the last 3 years (2015, 2016, 2017) demonstrating the caliber of the sport in our province. While Coquitlam hasn't sent a team to the Canadian Championships (yet!) we are very proud of our showings at the Provincial level with 9 teams representing us in 2017 and SILVER & BRONZE medals (U16B & U12B) and expect big things in 2018!

In Coquitlam we are committed to player development. We have invested a lot of resources in bringing in good young coaches and providing training and mentorship to all our coaches so that they can teach the game properly to make our players the best they can be! We want our players to learn valuable life skills that will endure both on and off the field for the rest of their lives. The social interactions and life-long friendships that can be forged from playing softball make it one of the most popular sports especially for young girls and women. Besides it is a lot of fun to play!!! 

Need some more reasons to choose softball? Check out this link   Why softball is so popular 

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Meet our Technical Director - Joni Frei

Joni Frei is in her 3rd year as Technical Director for the CMSA. Currently in addition to her role with the CMSA, Joni is owner of Beyond The White Lines Softball Academy in B.C. Canada, Head Coach of The Canada Futures College Exposure Team and serves as an NCCP Learning Facilitator, Evaluator and Director of Coaching for Softball BC.

What to know more? Joni Bio